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Chinese Canadian Civil Engineering Society (CCCES) was a Not for Profit Organization created by a group of experienced professional engineers, project managers, entrepreneurs and enthusiastic young professionals in Civil Engineering Industries. The Society was registered and founded in May 2018.

加华土木工程协会是由几位资深加拿大华裔专业工程师,项目经理, 企业家 和热情的年轻人等土木工程专业人士共同谋划和创立的一个非营利性机构,协会注册成立于2018年5月。

CCCES Visions


To be the best community of Chinese Canadian civil engineering professionals to share knowledge, practice/experience and skills to serve the needs of their communities and to help shape the future of the profession.


​International Academic Exchange


Chinese American Civil Engineers Society (CACES) is a sister organization of CCCES. We have online and offline academic exchange programs and education activities. CCCES will build a bridge of international academic exchange between Canada and China to facilitate civil engineering professionals and industry leaders to share knowledge and experience in planning, investing, purchasing, building, and operating of infrastructure projects to better serve people of two great nations.

土木沙龙(CACES)是我们协会的姐妹机构。双方经常共同举办线上和线下的各种专业学术交流和教育活动。中加土木工程专业人士协会将为中国和加拿大两地的土木工程专业人士和行业领导者们搭建起一座国际学术交流的桥梁, 研讨如何更好地规划、投资、采购、建造、和运营大型基础设施项目,造福中加两国人民。

CCCES Mission


CCCES is to work with her members to:

  • Promote fellowship and professional networking among members;

  • Enhance knowledge exchange on technical and legal issues in resolving         engineering problems;

  • Help newly immigrated Chinese Civil Engineering Professionals adapt their     skills to Canadian Civil Engineering Field;

  • Support young graduates to start their professional careers;

  • Assist young entrepreneurs to start up and grow their businesses;

  • Facilitate international Civil Engineering academic exchanges.


  • 增进协会成员之间的友谊,促进成员间的专业交流与学习;

  • ​鼓励协会成员分享在解决工程难题中获得的技术和法规方面的经验与心得;

  • ​帮助新移民的华人土木工程专业人士更好地将自己的技能与知识应用于加拿大土木工程领域;

  • 支持年轻土木工程专业毕业生们开启职业生涯;

  • 协助青年创业者们开创和拓展他们的业务;

  • ​促进国际土木工程学术研讨与交流。




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