Meet with Board of CCCES successfully launched

On October 28, 2018, Chinese Canadian Civil Engineering Society (CCCES) held a “Meet the CCCES Founders” event in Vaughan, Ontario. Four founders of the organization had discussions to share their professional experience and to give advices to young professionals.


Managing Director of the events team, Miranda Liu, introduced the host of this panel discussion, Wayne Song, vice-chair of the CCCES board of directors. As a capital project manager of the City of Mississauga, Wayne is responsible for multiple municipal projects including public transit infrastructure and stormwater management facilities.

Wayne introduced the three esteemed guest panelists: Jerry Che, CCCES President and Mississauga Rapid Transit Line (BRT) project manager; Frank Feng, CCCES Board Chair, Chinese-Canadian entrepreneur and the founder of Frontop Engineering Ltd., and Damon Liu, CCCES Board Treasurer and Chief Estimator for Chant Group. Together these four founded the organization.


Wayne said: “As founders, we are dedicated to creating a platform to facilitate exchanges of professional experience between experienced and young professionals in the civil engineering field.”


Wayne asked three guests a series of questions,which covered a range of topics such as careers planning for young professionals and new graduates, developing leadership skills, dealing with disputes and conflicts, and tips and advice on transitioning to new jobs and avoiding common mistakes in the workforce.

The guests shared their professional experience and personal stories in the field and provided valuable suggestions and advice on career development for young professionals.


“Sometimes your career path is not clear at first, and that’s ok,” Jerry Che noted, “The important thing is for graduates and new immigrants to identify their goals and passions, look for opportunities to work toward your goals, and think positively about obstacles and challenges.”


Jerry Che holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto. Jerry is passionate about transportation engineering and project management. After graduation, he has work experience in engineering consulting companies such as AMEC, exp, SNC Lavalin, and he is a BRT project manager. During the panel discussion, he shared with the audience his work experience since graduation and some advice on working in municipal governments.

“Communication and networking skills are essential. There are opportunities everywhere if you establish the right connections and network,” Jerry said. “You have to learn to communicate and resolve problems with different people.”

Frank Feng won the Best Creative Award for Outstanding Chinese-Canadian Entrepreneur and Outstanding Enterprise in Canada in 2018. When he was asked why he choose to become an entrepreneur, Frank Feng said, “I started accumulating work experience and expertise since I immigrated to Canada. When I saw the right opportunity, I took initiative and started a business.”


Frank also shared the ups and downs for being an entrepreneur. He provided suggestions and advice on the characteristics of ideal job candidate from the perspective of a company owner. Frank recommended that graduates and new immigrants should properly assess their expectations and actively seek out any job opportunities related to civil engineering. “Your hard work, passion, and preparation will make you stand out to your supervisor or manager,” Frank said.


Damon Liu is the chief estimator and responsible for the bidding of the company, budget consulting work, and ISO 2015 management. Damon shared his experience as a chief estimator and gave young professionals valuable insight into the industry from the perspective of the chief estimator.


Damon also shared his story and experiences after immigrating to Canada. “In order to meet the needs of the Canadian market, you need to constantly update your skills and knowledge base,” Damon Liu said. “I used to work in a Chinese government agency. When I was working in a Canadian consulting company, I also mastered estimating and eventually became the company’s chief estimator.”

During an open floor discussion period, the audience asked questions on how to develop a career plan, how to communicate with people from different cultures, how to switch specialization in the civil engineering field, and many other questions from entrepreneurship to employment prospects in the civil engineering field. With their breadth of experience, the four founders kindly provide current and comprehensive responses to these dedicated young professionals.

Wayne Song finally expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the diamond sponsor Frontop Engineering Ltd. and the titanium sponsor WPE Accounting & Tax. He also thanked the association's directors, executive team, and volunteers for their selfless contributions to the event preparation.

CCCES always welcomes civil engineering professionals and young elites to join and actively participate in events and discussions on civil engineering. In the future, the Association will bring many professional workshops and networking events to Chinese-Canadian civil engineering professionals. To learn more about CCCES and the latest event information, please visit or join our WeChat group.











2018年10月28日,CCCES ( 加拿大华人土木工程协会)在大多伦多地区的旺市举办了“Meet the CCCES Founders”活动,四位CCCES的创始人与大家进行了零距离交流。


活动团队负责人 Miranda liu 首先向大家介绍了本次交流座谈会的主持人,CCCES副理事长Wayne Song, 他现任City of Mississauga资本项目经理,Wayne 负责公共交通基础设施建设基金和饮用水与污水设施基金下的多个市政项目。


Wayne介绍了这次交流座谈会邀请的三位嘉宾:CCCES行政执行总裁、密西沙加市快速公交线(BRT)项目经理Jerry Che,CCCES理事长、华人企业家、Frontop Engineering Ltd. 总裁Frank Feng,和协会财务主管、Chant Group总估价师Damon Liu。他们四位是我们土木协会的创始人。


Wayne说: “我们四位创立协会的初衷就是要为广大华人土木专业人士创造一个学术交流和分享经验的平台。” Wayne 代表大家向三位嘉宾先后提出了二十几个涉及到多方面问题, 包括年轻人如何进行职业规划、避免走弯路、 如何发展领导才能、如何应对与领导和客户的纠纷、怎样权衡跳槽的利与弊等。




“有时你的职业道路一开始不明确,但那没关系。” Jerry Che说。 “毕业生和新移民要确认你的目标和发现你的激情,寻找机会,向你的目标努力,并把你的事业和道路上的挑战变成你喜欢的事物。”


Jerry 是多伦多大学土木工程学学士,一直热衷于交通工程和项目管理,毕业后在AMEC,exp,SNC Lavalin等工程咨询公司累计了很多工作经验,成为密市BRT项目经理。Jerry 向观众分享了自己的工作经历和在政府机构工作的一些体会。“交流和社交能力非常重要, 通过交流和交际寻找机会。” Jerry 说, “你必须去学会跟不同的人沟通,一起解决问题。”


Frank Feng 2018年荣获加拿大杰出华裔创业家及杰出企业最佳创意大奖。当被问到为何选择创业时,Frank Feng说道,“移民加拿大后,我不停地累计工作经验和专业知识。当我看准机会时,就决定开始创业。” Frank 还分享了创业过程中的酸甜苦辣和感悟。同时,从一位企业老板的角度分享了求职者和员工应该拥有的素质。


Frank建议新毕业生和新移民要适当地放低身段去积极寻找,并且不要放过任何一个能踏入土木工程圈的工作机会。Frank 强调“你的辛勤工作、激情、努力和机遇结合在一起,会让你成为被老板赏识的人。”


Damon Liu负责公司的投标方案,预算咨询工作和公司ISO 2015管理系统。Damon 分享了estimating 行业的经验,并从chief estimator的角度给予年轻专业人士许多宝贵的建议。


Damon还分享自己到加拿大后转型的故事和一些心得。“为了迎合加拿大市场的需求,你必须不断的更新自己的技能和知识库。” Damon Liu说。“我曾经在中国政府机关工作过,可当我职加拿大咨询公司的时候,我掌握了Estimating,最终成为该公司的chief estimator。“




Wayne Song 最后代表协会对钻石赞助商Frontop Engineering Ltd. 和钛金赞助商WPE Accounting &Tax表示衷心感谢,同时也表扬了在会议准备工作中无私奉的协会理事、行政团队和义工。


欢迎更多木工程专业人士和青年精英踊跃加入CCESS,积极参加关于土木工程的业务交流和讨论。协会今后将全力为华人土木专业人士带来专业讲座活动和社交活动。要了解有关CCCES更多信息和最新活动资讯,请访问 或加入我们的微信群。




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