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CCCES would like to appreciate your attendance to our Inaugural Event held successfully on August 11, 2018. We are now offering the following opportunities for talents and professionals like you to join our team, and help us advance further to become the most influential Canadian-based Chinese Civil Engineering Non-Profit Organizations!


Please carefully review the following current opening opportunities and position description, and please kindly forward your Resume, and indicate the opening opportunity you are applying for to

We appreciate your application and our internal department will reach out to you for an online interview, through phone call or voice chat.



Section 1 External Department

Managing Director: Michael Fan

1.1 Social Media Specialist

Number of Opportunities: 1

Position Roles/Responsibilities:

  • Build and implement social media strategy through competitive research, platform finalization, benchmark, and potential audience identification;

  • Create, edit, publish and distribute weekly content (original text, images, video and/or HTML) that build up connection with the public, and encourage the public (professionals, community members) to subscribe, join our Society, and/or provide valuable feedback to the Society;

  • Manage/moderate all user-generated content to be in line with moderation policy/by-law/religious taboos for different stakeholders and/or communities;

  • Improve the social media influence continuously by capturing and analyzing the applicable social media/metrics, insights and best practices, and then respond/react to the information;

  • Collaborate with other Departments to monitor CCCES's reputation, identify key players and coordinate actions.

1.2 Liaison Coordinator

Number of Opportunities: 1

Position Roles/Responsibilities:

  • Evaluate the on-going volunteer recruitment procedure/program and create necessary advice/recommendations to improve the procedure/program;

  • Communicate with external resources via website, social media, public events, postings, public campaigns, etc., to explore opportunities and merge cooperation with the communities;

  • Work with external partner Organizations, corporations/communities across different sectors to engage volunteers and promote opportunities and share best practices.

1.3 Marketing Associate

Number of Opportunities: 1

Position Roles/Responsibilities:

  • Monitor weekly administrative tasks to ensure the External Department runs smoothly;

  • Conduct market research to identify new opportunities;

  • Gather and analyze subscriber behavior data (e.g. web traffic and rankings);

  • Create reports on marketing and sales metrics, like hourly rate for speakers if applicable;

  • Assist in hosting promotional events;

  • Coordinate with Internal and Event Teams to create advertising materials (e.g. brochures and newsletters);

  • Keep organized records of marketing metrics and results of past campaigns;

  • Prepare regular marketing forecasting reports;

  • Monitor other Canadian-based Chinese Civil Engineering Non-Profit Organizations' marketing strategies.

Section 2 Event Department

2.1 Event Planning Coordinator

Number of Opportunities: 1

Position Roles/Responsibilities:

  • Conduct semi-annual event plan, specifying timeline and type of events;

  • Preparation of detailed event proposal;

  • Budget estimate;

  • Coordinate with other department and personnel involved to prepare event action plan, prior to each event;

  • Facilitate event operation and organization as required. 

2.2 Young Professional (YP) Group Coordinator

Number of Opportunities: 1

Position Roles/Responsibilities:

  • YP Group wechat Management, including  member admission, maintaining a friendly and organized environment within the group, and other related responsibilities;

  • YP Email management, including maintaining a full list of email contacts of young professionals, and responding to inquiries on a timely manner;

  • YP Event Planning and Facilitation, including finalizing event theme based on Group's preference, and facilitating events on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

3. Internal Department

3.1 Membership Management Coordinator

Number of Opportunities: 1

Position Roles/Responsibilities:

  • Monitor and respond to members' inquiries via emails, and coordinate with External social media division on inquiries through other channels, e.g. Wechat, Linkedin, Facebook, etc.;

  • Build up and update members profile database, including name, contact info, membership validity, event attendance, membership fee balance, etc.;

  • Create and distribute CCCES news and upcoming events update to members, through emails, and coordinate with External Department to distribute through other social media channels;

  • File appropriate member complaints/suggestions and report to internal managing director, who will be reporting to the Board. 

3.2 Documentation Specialist

Number of Opportunities: 1

Position Roles/Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate CCCES Secretary on Board Meeting Minute documentation, and upload to CCCES Online Drive;

  • Monitor, update Online Documents, removing outdated files, revise incorrect information, optimize Online Documentation Management;

  • Facilitate any documentation required by internal stakeholders, including Board members, Managing directors, Volunteers, CCCES Members.




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